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Glasgow International Artists Bookfair 2008


25th & 26th April 2008 - A Shoal of Mackerel @ Glasgow International Artists Bookfair
2008 was the first year ever, in which Glasgow was host to an International Artists Book Fair.

The event showcased a huge range of work produced by local, UK-based and international artists. Books as artworks, books about books, books about bookbinding, old-style letterpress books, audio books, funny & weird books and even books with nothing in them were seen and bought.


This exciting event took place in the prestigious Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and was presented as part of the Glasgow international Festival of Contemporary Visual Art 2008.

As Harald, the original founder of A Shoal of Mackerel was one of the two organisers, we got two stalls there to show all our work and work from friends of A Shoal of Mackerel.

Images will be here soon....