2015 Foreword


Switch presents 8 film works from the artist Mark Neville.

The 8 pieces span the artists career from his early works “The Jump Films”, started in 1995, to the more recent film works made as a war artist embedded with the British Army in 2011, such as “Bolan Market”.

It is a rare occurrence to have a selection of films that convey a breath of work by one artist spanning almost two decades. All of the works are shot in 16mm film. The artist’s quiet enduring dedication to this medium is breathtaking.

Using the material of film requires a certain pacing and skill, there is no immediate deleting or second chance. It is point, frame and shoot. The artistic thought process that occurs, begins before the film is loaded.

The completed film and the act of film making lends a particular expression. Part performance, part social documentary the selected works are robustly investigative of its subjects, its contexts and itself. This is also apparent in the dissemination of his work. Neville often works with close knit communities in the realisation of his pieces.

Switch 2015 presents these film works together in place and in time. It is Nenagh. It is November. The evenings are long and collars are turned up braced against the chill in the air. As you traverse your familiar route through your town, have a look. Take a moment, this is for you.