verona stellet
verona stellet

My work is composed of a series of wall hangings. For this I use mainly lead, copper and brass.
The material which was recovered from building sites, bogs etc allow for a personal and direct
approach with no intermediary as in casting.

I work intuitively and pieces evolve; developing from a specific idea to a general one and visa versa.
The work is designed to evoke a connection between the observer and the artist through the symbols
of time, barriers and openings. I explore a number of interrelated personal themes involving
spiritual experiences, childhood memories and intuitive feelings. Symbols such as towers, clock workings,
windows and keys express opportunities and limitations, either self-imposed or external.

A characteristic of the work is that complete pieces are often constructed out of smaller individual
pieces - like letters that make a word and days that make a month. Individual themes are developed
and explored through different representational devices. The tower series has elements of religion
(e.g. crosses, holy water fonts and confessional grills) and the Rapunzel fairytale (e.g. plaited hair and a girl's face).