verona stellet
verona stellet


bowl, container, urn, ship, to name just a few are all vessels.
A simple, fundamental and quite universal form that holds many varied meanings thus provides
endless inspiration and interpretation.

A bowl is a vessel,
filled and empty
a symbol for nourishment and hospitality,
a symbol of hunger and poverty
offering bowls, begging bowls
giving and receiving

a chalice is a vessel
of worship and ritual,
a metaphor for spiritual sustenance.
the holy grail, a quest in medieval legends
Macbeth's poisoned chalice is
a mission doomed.

a ship is a vessel
which carries us safely
over rivers and across immense oceans
representing journey of soul or body,
exploration and discovery
and hope for new beginnings

Cupped hands are a vessel
that lifts water to a parched mouth
Cupped hands covering a face are a vessel
that tries to contain sorrow or shame
cupped hands held out to us
are an appeal